About Standard Acasa

Standard Acasa is a software and support package for people wanting to become online performers from their own homes, on the biggest video chatting platform in the world – and profitably so!

Standard Acasa Package was designed for all those who want to make a lot of money by web camming from home, but feel overwhelmed by the flow of information, both new and difficult, that they come across in this line of work.

Standard Acasa is meant to support and help you time and again in your online performer career, so you can make a lot of money in a very short period of time. If you want to earn well in this field, it takes a little more than just turning on your webcam and waiting for the money to come flowing into your account.

Standard Studio has, with an experience of more than 10 years and over 1 million dollars invested, made online camming a fast-growing sector in Romania, and is now supporting models who want to work independently, but feel overwhelmed because of the lack of guidance or help as to how they can work online.

Our models are among the best ones in the world, and our exclusive partner, Streamate.com website, is the online camming market leader, having reached an overall market share of more than 70%.

This means that if you want to make money from online camming, you will most likely make it using Streamate.

Following a rigorous analysis of all studios with which it collaborated, Streamate.com awarded Standard Studio the PREFERRED STUDIO title in 2011.
Standard Studio is the only studio outside America to have this distinction, and we are still its trusted partner in Romania as the largest online camming network in the world, and the Standard Acasa models enjoy all the benefits of this partnership, just like the models working from the studio!

Why do you need Standard Acasa?

You might think, of course, that you don’t need any software or support and that you can start performing online just like that, with no help of any kind. It is perfectly true that you can do it, but it is much more lucrative to start performing using the Standard Acasa package.

Not everyone taking up online camming makes money; the things that help you make a lot of money are far more complicated than you might think, and the technical issues you will be facing when you go online from your home will make your work harder, thus losing money.

To make money from performing online, your performance must be perfect, suitable to the site you’re working on! One of the problems you will be facing as an independent model is the site listing! Once you log in, you will be listed on the site’s final pages, and you will be very hard to find by site members, who generally choose models from the first two pages! This means you will make less money and you won’t even know what to do to change that!

There are thousands and thousands of models that can be found online at any time on Streamate.com website, so the competition is ferocious… To make money, YOU HAVE TO STAND OUT and we, Standard Acasa, can teach you what to do in order to be among the first ones appearing on the site and be successful!

Other important factors that will make your work difficult are webcam settings and Internet connection! The website contains strict requirements to be fulfilled regarding the Internet connection parameters, also video and sound quality. If you do not meet the site’s requirements, you will be lost in the sea of models online.

Last, but not least, your online performance does not just rely on nudity! Using Standard Acasa you will find out exactly what you have to do to stand out from the other models on the site and how to make more money than they do!

Using Standard Acasa, you won’t have to worry about any of the issues above. Your only worry will be to go online! We will take care of all the rest, and you will make the money you deserve!

Our working method

Standard Studio and Standard Acasa have a completely different way of working: all of our models work as freelancers on the site and get paid all the earnings that are shown into their model accounts; Standard Studio does not take any commission or money for agency services.

The earnings from your account are yours 100% and you receive them every week, DIRECTLY from the site.

Moreover, because they are exclusive to and trained by Standard Studio, Streamate.com promotes Standard’s models on the site first, ensuring them the possibility to earn a ton of money from their very first day!

What benefits do you get from just buying Standard Acasa?


100% of the earnings from your account are yours; there is no commission charged.

The earnings from your account are yours 100% and you get them every week, DIRECTLY from the site, 5 days after each working week is over, without any commission or agency services costs being charged by Standard Studio.

We are the only site that pays you all the money you are seeing into your account!


We are with you every step of the way!

The package you get from us provides you with free support throughout your work! We will help you sort out anything that could put you in difficulty.

We can help you create an account, set payment methods, check settings while you are online and we can provide you with FREE training sessions on Skype!

We are the only ones where you can find support as a freelancer model!


You are registered on the first positions on the site and you make money on the first day!

You are registered on the first pages and recommended to members from your first site log in, because we want to ease your way into this and make money from the first day!

We are the only ones to give this exclusive promotion!


The site pays you directly into your personal account every week, on Fridays!

Only Standard‘s models enjoy weekly payments. The rest of the models on the site wait up to three weeks to get paid, irrespective whether they work from home or from other studios.

We are the only ones where you start working and make money that fast!


It takes us only 2 days to open you an account on the biggest video chat network in the world.

The rest of the models on the site wait whole weeks to have their account approved. You won’t have to do anything! You just send us the documents we need and you will have an account on the biggest web camming site in the world in 2 days maximum.

We are the only ones where you can start making money in less than 48 hours!


Our video lessons will help you make money faster and easier!

The video lessons set consists of 15 clips explaining you everything you need to know about performing online. You will learn how to customize your model profile, how to log in to the site and the chat page options, as well as information about how to create your Paxum account; you will be given advice about how to interact with members and you will be made recommendations on what to do while you are online.

We are the only ones to give you a safe recipe for success, so you can make money from the first login.


You will enjoy a FREE training hour via Skype and TeamViewer.

The first training hour will be scheduled depending on your schedule and availability. You will be able to schedule as many training sessions as you need (a session’s length is one hour, and additional hours will be charged).

During a session, the Standard Studio trainer will explain you your model account interface, how to log in and help you with any advice you need, answering any question you might have. Moreover, the Standard Studio trainer will check the equipment you own (if this is necessary) and help you create your Paxum account (or check it, as applicable).

We are the only ones to provide professional training, given by a team with over 10 years of experience!

Standard Studio Team

Our team is made up entirely of women and our experience in the field is of more than 10 years.

We are professional, respectful and friendly and we look forward to welcoming you into our team!

The training we provide to you is free of charge and it features both direct model/trainer interaction via Skype and TeamViewer, and simple to watch video lessons.

Why buy the Standard Acasa package?

If you’ve decided to start web camming from home, surely, you’ve already looked into several options and are thinking of opening an account on various sites or you have actually done it already, but your earnings are not what you had hoped. You’ve only just started, you have a million questions, you don’t know what and how to do it and you feel completely overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it’s only natural!

Standard Acasa is here to help you get rid of all these worries! We give you solutions and we help you every step of the way so that you can make a lot of money from your first login! We will be there for you every time you need help with your work.

If you get Standard Acasa:

  • Your account will be approved in 2 days maximum (whereas the rest of the models on the site wait for whole weeks);
  • You will learn from simple video lessons what you have to do to earn a lot of money ever since the beginning;
  • You will enjoy Standard Studio trainers’ support at all times by scheduling FREE training sessions with them via Skype or TeamViewer;
  • You will be given help with any technical issue you might come across;
  • While online, video and sound quality will be checked.

We will help you create your personal Paxum card account, on which you will be transferred your weekly payment.

For only €30, you will enjoy all the benefits above, and your only concern will be just to be online!