"I earn more than €2600 a month, working 8 to 10 hours every day. Had I worked anywhere else for as many hours, I would have earned just 10% of what I am making now. I recommend Standard Acasa to all those who have had enough of switching poorly paid jobs and want to finally enjoy financial stability"- Andreea C. - 25 years old, Sibiu
"I was able to recover the money I had invested in just one month. I don’t feel I’ve lost anything by purchasing the Standard Acasa package"- Ionut M. - 23 years old, Bucuresti
"Standard Acasa gives you all the support you need. It’s like having the experience of the studio trainers; you work from home and make easy money at the same time…. All to go"- Simona T. - 27 years old, Bucuresti
"I didn’t know anything about webcamming at first, but I began making €100 /week and I gradually learned all there is to know about this job from video lessons. Later on, I asked trainers for advice and with their help, there are weeks now when I make more than €1000, and I get this money every Friday"- Iuliana F. - 30 years old, Focsani
"Since I’ve started working with Standard Acasa I have more free time, more flexibility and of course, bigger proceeds! I have never had any problems, and whenever I did need help, Standard Studio trainers helped me. The only disadvantage is that when you have a slower day, you find something else to do around the house and forget to go online; however, if your mindset is strong or a well-organized planner, you will most definitely be successful! It didn’t take me long to reach the conclusion that in order to make money, you have to be online as long as possible"- Daniela G. - 25 years old, Craiova
"I am satisfied with Standard Acasa, because I can work whenever I want and as much as I want, depending on the availability I have every week. I benefit from the same help and support from the Standard Studio team, as when we work from the studio. I have nothing to complain about, I am much more satisfied, considering that the percentage received is higher."- Anca P. – 30 years old, Timisoara
"I am doing much better since I’ve started working from home, unlike when I was working from a studio, because I am more at ease working from the comfort of my own home. I have gone through good times and bad times, but I was always able to reinvent myself! The way I see it, in order to be a Standard Acasa model, you should have worked from a studio before (at least a month or two). The Standard Studio working method is excellent and will instantly help you know what to do once you start working as a Standard Acasa model. I have nothing but praise words to say about the Standard Acasa team; I am very grateful to you, because you’ve helped me every time I asked you to! Thank you!"- Raluca L. – 34 years old, Brasov
"I am pleased with the help I got from Standard Acasa team; they’ve always answered all my questions. I constantly get e-mails from Standard Acasa managers, many of them giving valuable advice on how to increase my earnings. I am appreciative of how these e-mails are drawn-up, as I never felt I was being scolded, but took them as a reminder and constructive advice. Standard Acasa team clearly cares about its models and this is all that matters when working with a studio, whether you choose to do it from home or not"- Adriana L. – 29 years old, Constanta
"I am extremely happy with the collaboration I have with you since I’ve started working from home. You have been very helpful every time I faced any issue and you helped me unequivocally. I chose to work via Standard Acasa, because of the comfort of working from my own home and schedule flexibility. I was a little skeptic at first about my account’s promotion, but I then realized that you have had a significant contribution on this front too, just like you promised. Thank you!"- Carmen O. – 33 years old, Bucuresti
"I am very happy with my collaboration with Standard Acasa, ever since I had my account created to this point! There was a trainer eager to jump to my rescue every time I needed to! I have nothing bad to say so far! Thank you so much!"- Rodica B. – 41 years old, Pitesti
"My experience with Standard Acasa turned out to be much more beneficial than I initially thought it would be, both in terms of time, and money. We all know that time is money in this job, and it helped me a great deal, because even if I am dealing with a slow hour, I am able to motivate myself or with the help of trainers, not my colleagues, as I used to (colleagues who sometimes would do more harm to me, trying to destabilize me). Any issue or question I’ve had, I addressed it with confidence to the Standard Acasa team, and the girls always replied sincerely and gave me a positive vibe. Maybe some people think working from home is boring or it makes you “shut down”, but for me it was the best decision ever. Cigarette breaks (or breaks in general) are not as many, I feel closer to my members and I love showing them my personal belongings, which I couldn’t have taken to the studio with me. As a model to have worked from a studio too, there are times I miss trainers from there and interacting with them, but whenever I felt like talking to them, I have. My advice for those of you wanting to take up this job from home is this: PATIENCE! And when you do encounter an issue or are unclear about something (or maybe don’t feel like working) ask the girls for help; they are brilliant!- Valeria T. – 25 years old, Deva
"To me, Standard Studio equals professionalism. It is a remarkable team you just wish to be a part of. They are all your friends, from the lowest ranking one to the highest. This is a thing I’ve always admired! I am now a Standard Acasa model. I chose this option because I moved to another place and I had no choice. Standard Acasa gives you benefits like the commission which is different from a studio and flexible hours of work, which you can set from home as you wish. At the same time, the Standard Studio team can help you over the telephone if there is any issue or you have any questions. Standard Studio trainers will be there for you 24/7 to help you! I highly recommend them, because I know them! You will always have my respect and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me in your team"- Alexandra R. – 30 years old, Bacau
"I am more than pleased with Standard Acasa and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have never had any problem, because you were always there for me. There were times I didn’t even have to send you an e-mail when I was facing an issue, because you solved it really fast. Even if I am not using the most performing equipment and I am not that good of a model, you accepted me, and I couldn’t thank you enough for existing and helping me take care of 13 kittens. I wish you all a nice day, health and happiness! Standard is the best team ever!" - Ana M. – 34 years old, Baia Mare